Call me Steph. Or Stephanie. Really, I’ll answer to both.

HI THERE, friend

I’m a road trip lover with a penchant for tacos. I buy more books than I have time to read and though I don’t have space for any more house plants, I’ll probably buy two cacti next week.

My sweet husband with his lumber jack beard, our two cats who are equal parts jerks/lovebugs, our straight-out-of-a-Pixar-movie pup, and strong, strong coffee are the loves of my life. I’ve probably got dirt under my nails from my humble veggie garden and calluses on my palms thanks to my last lift at the gym. I’m a personality test nerd (9w1/ISFP for those playing along) and I’ll likely try to type you if you let me. I’m my absolute happiest while watching the sunrise from the top of a mountain but enjoying an old fashioned with friends by a fire is a very close second. And, ever since I was a little girl, photography has thrilled me.

On summer evenings I’d spend hours in my parents’ backyard with a disposable camera, trying to photograph my mom’s garden bed of marigolds at just the right angle. I knew that the heat would eventually wilt them, but thought if I could capture in a photo the way the red and yellow hues played together on their petals, maybe it would help the summer days last a little bit longer.

Fast forward 20 years and a few significant gear upgrades later, and I’m still enamored by how an image of a moment can tell a story, can freeze a memory. And while I may still photograph flowers every now and then, the real deal for me are the stories of two souls who have decided to wrap their roots together in marriage.

Wedding days are full of tiny blink-and-miss-it moments that share so much, and while photographing over 200 weddings in the past 10 years, I’ve learned that it’s these moments that make one wedding day so different and so precious from the next. It’s the sweetest honor to be able to preserve those small but mighty moments for you forever.

and you?

You live for new adventures, both the big ones that happen on a mountaintop on the other side of the globe and the little ones that happen over a pint at the new brewery down the block.

You’ve got the best worst dance moves and you’re not afraid to show them off.

Your friends know both the depths of your kindness and the sometimes spicy sass that keeps them on their toes.

When it comes to your wedding, you would rather create your own day’s meaning than follow tradition for tradition’s sake.

You’re quick to laugh, especially together, and the love of your life is also your most trusted teammate.

You’re down for getting your dress a little dirty and your shoes a little scuffed, as long as it’s for a good time.

You’re a couple wild n’ crazy, over-the-moon in love, and you couldn’t be more excited by the magic of having all of your favorite human beings together in one place, celebrating the best thing there is: LOVE.

You believe that weddings are fun, but marriages are where it’s at.